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Wisconsin Professional Liability Insurance for Architects

We provide professional liability insurance to architects in Wisconsin, from solo practitioners to large architectural firms. We're insurance brokers and work with multiple 'A' rated insurance companies which offer professional liability insurance to all types of architects in Wisconsin, including landscape architects and naval architects. Even if you had claims in the past five years and are having trouble finding coverage, we can help.

What type of work do Wisconsin architects do?

Architects are licensed professionals who work on the design of various structures. The types of structures designed by architects in Wisconsin include high rise buildings, houses, hospitals, shopping malls, schools, airports, factories, and large complexes.

At the beginning of a project, architects in Wisconsin will discuss the type of building, requirements, aesthetics, location and budget with their client. Architects will then research the various building codes and regulations and prepare some preliminary drawings. Architects in Wisconsin use software, including computer aided design, to create designs and drawings. The preliminary drawings are presented to the client and changes are made as needed. Once the final drawings are ready and accepted by the client, Wisconsin architects may be involved in the construction. The level of involvement in the construction varies, but architects will at a minimum supervise the construction to ensure that the drawings and designs are accurately followed by the contractors.

Why do Wisconsin architects need professional liability insurance?

The work performed by architects in Wisconsin is complex and requires a detailed knowledge of not only architecture and engineering principles, but also Wisconsin building code, Wisconsin zoning laws and various other regulations. Because of the complexity of their work, Wisconsin architects have a high risk of making an error or omission while working on a project. In the event of a lawsuit, Wisconsin architects will have to defend their work and could be liable for large damages if found to have been negligent. Architects working on large projects can also be included in a lawsuit, along with all other professionals involved in the project, even if no error or omission was made. Even if architects are found to have not been negligent, they still have to pay their defense costs which may be substantial.

It is therefore vital for architects in Wisconsin to have the protection provided by professional liability insurance.

What protection does a professional liability insurance policy provide Wisconsin architects?

Professional liability insurance provides Wisconsin architects with protection against damages and legal fees. Professional liability insurance policies provide coverage for claims made against Wisconsin architects by reason of a negligent act, error or omission in the performance of architectural services.